A Way to Customize Your Orders

Customize your orders with framed prints and a variety of sizes! www.littlefoxlettering.com
I am always looking for ways to make this shop more convenient for my shoppers like you, as well as making the processing of filling orders easier for me. Because I am a one woman show over here I enlisted the help of a print shop to help me out...and here’s how it works.

All of my original handlettered prints will now be available to purchased framed! After hearing some feedback (and thank you to those always looking to help me make this shop even better!), the number one thing customers wanted to see was an option to purchase prints in different sizes and framed. Well, I did both!

Thanks to this new partnership I am able to stop fulfilling orders the old fashioned way (i.e. in my home) and begin having my designs professionally printed and framed. This allows me to speed up shipping and the quality of your finished product is even higher. Not only that, but each print has at least 5+ different sizes to choose from! So whether you’re looking for the perfect print for your gallery wall, something fun for a room at home, or the perfect gift...I’ve got ya covered!

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